Strange goings on

So last night was my first real sleepless night here, the kind where I was up with anxiety and not feeling normal. I didn’t have anything I was worried about, I’m referring to a physiological anxiety. My only worry mentally was that I was not sleeping. It’s almost like a half panic state. So after dawn I was able to get sleep, but still had that feeling that I was not sleeping and was worrying about what was wrong with me. 

My next worry was that I would sleep all day to make up for it, but no, I got about four hours of sleep and getting up seemed fine. Who knows what will happen tonight. 

I’m currently reading/listening to.. Team of Rivals the book about Lincoln that Obama loves. So far there is nothing earth shattering about it, but I can see how it could make Obama feel special and inspired. He’s definitely got some things in common with our most celebrated president in history. 

I’m hoping not to get depressed, because when I have sleep issues,, I feel like I let my family down. 


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