Maximum Big Surprise

So a few days ago I was reminded once again not to post on the internet after drinking. I’m referring to facebook and stating my opinions in a less that subtle, too obnoxious kind of way, and then regretting it for days afterwards. 

I really think I should pick a lane and drive in it. Either stand by your obnoxious-ness, or don’t do it if it’s going to bug you so much. So.. verdict. NO posting after a few beers. 


On to today. Today is election day. My husband has probably never hit a person in his entire life, but would if someone tried to suppress his vote today! Watch out! He will make his mark as a Democrat in South Dakota. Actually it’s very likely there is no funny business going on at the polls here, this state is so red, I don’t think they worry for one second about it. I hope democrats here don’t feel like their vote doesn’t matter… I hope they show up to be counted. 

I have some ideas for future political activity. I would like to see a movement take place, a HUGE meme campaign that gets republicans to tell their elected officials that they WILL NOT tolerate voter suppression. 

I know quite a few republicans, and if we can get them past the embarrassment phase and into the “Hell no I don’t support that” phase, almost all the republicans I know would go for it. I am also pushing on facebook for ‘come on republicans, send a message you want a more moderate party’  

There are lots of people embarrassed by how right wing it is. I liked a page called “republicans for choice”, which is a pretty small page, but there are pro choice republicans out there. And there were quite a few first lady republicans that were pro choice, I posted that graphic.

Pro choice is more controversial, but being anti voter suppression is a slam dunk. I think I’m going to make some calls to some strategists and see if someone can get that going. It can start with a commercial with republican voters testimonies that they are appalled by voter suppression. There can be phone campaigns and polls taken and reported in the news, etc. You know… however stuff gets spread. They need to send a message to elected officials they DO NOT LIKE IT and will not tolerate it. etc.

This can be done. 

You know, this type of crap has gone on long before 2000 and the democrats did not scream about it, and the news barely covered it. Greg Palast covered it. (He has a free book out now btw) . This should be something that was handled over ten years ago. I don’t think I should have to hear about the problems from alternative news sources. 

Also, before I forget, We DO have moderate republicans now a days. They are democrats. But that’s not doing anyone any good, because people are voting along party lines and listening to Fox Noise.

Time to get another cup o joe and hob knob with republican friends and family on facebook. I am very careful about what I post, it’s very informational. What I was talking about at the outset was on a feminist facebook page, that didn’t involve people I know. I was bitching about people’s obtuse tossing of the word “choice” like it’s “freedom” and needs no context or qualifiers. 

Gee THAT’s what I should have said instead of “FUCK YOU” etc. drunken spiel, etc. 



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