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Santa B.
September 28, 2012

Well for one thing, I have a new laptop where the keyboard is flat and I’m not used to that, and I have nails, and I’m not used to that. It’s hard to type. The nails are not long according to the shop, they are “natural, short”. But they still give me struggles. This is the first time ever ever I have had fake nails. They are good for me.

Ok so we made it out of Las Vegas. I am a married woman now. We rented a car in Los Angeles and are up in SB now. My cousins came up and we got to work making this place rentable. The landscaper is starting tomorrow and we are doing thousands of dollars of tree work in the yard. So much needs to be done. I’m grateful that my family has such a nice place and I was left enough funds to fix it (just enough) but also mad that people here were pack rats and put things in the garage up to the ceiling almost. What is the point of that? Everything gets wrecked, it’s gross and hard to throw out. Mark is the one that has done the most sweating over that. Grrrr. I have but not nearly as much as him and my cousin D busted her ass out there.

I’m nervous about having to leave, but not having everything done. We’re headed to my new home in South Dakota the first week of October. We pick up the travel permit for the urn today. I really did get my dad a nice urn that suits him perfectly. Mark saw just how much after being at the natural history museum, one of my favorite places on earth. They have a sand crane exhibit that shows the terrain here and it looks a lot like the urn. At some point we are going down to Nebraska to see the sand cranes there. That’s on the bucket list, but Mark associates those birds with Not California. This area is quite amazing.

I can not believe we have been able to get in so much work and legal stuff AND honeymoon, etc. I’m so pleased and not at all used to things working like this.


Married, in Santa Barbara, and working like mad.
September 24, 2012

A lot has happened.

Will do.


Back Later.

Getting Packed…
September 4, 2012

I’m so full of anxieties. It’s Tues nite here. Tomorrow is my last day to stress. Thursday EARLY am

we… are … leaving.

Holy. Cow.

Moving Right Along
September 1, 2012

Things moving along.
Very busy. Family business. All that jazz. I’m emotionally exhausted and having anxieties.