I screwed up

and I screwed up big. I didn’t bring the correct amount of money.
I have to scramble to get more, and go back tomorrow, and there’s MORE processing the passports need to go through, we’re not done yet.
So can this be done by the time my plane takes off? I mean, the processing does not happen in the airport, it’s a completely separate thing. And to reschedule the flights sets dominoes in motion that are going to wreck everything, let alone it will be wildly more expensive.

So stressed.

Meanwhile, on the long trip to Manila and back I was thinking, I’m going to write a blog on anti natalism, and what ethical considerations I believe there are in making human beings. I don’t even like to say “children” anymore, because people marginalize that in their brains, conceptualize that in la la land in my opinion. People all start out as children.

But now I have all this other brew ha ha stressing me out.


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