Immigration tomorrow.

Every time I think that, I think of that noise that Sideshow Bob makes when he’s stepping on all those rakes. My foot still hurts from having that thing removed from the bottom weeks ago, and it’s not really healing. Only this morning do I see some progress. I finally started putting moringa on it. So as usual, I’m an absolute mess. Trips to Manila are nerve-wracking. The drive is twisty turnie and driven like the autobahn. Immigration is like you would imagine it is.

So I don’t like to write one negative blog after another on and on, but hey. I feel the need to keep up. It’s already helped as a memory jogger a couple of times. I have an awful memory.

Big news for me on the feminist front. There is a channel on You Tube called WIGS. Big time directors and actors performing brilliantly written scripts, short films. They are character pieces featuring women. I ab so lute ly love what I have seen so far. Dakota was gripping and amazing, and way too short, but maybe that was part of the beauty of it. The America Ferrera one was so interesting, and then about half way through I realize how brilliant it is. I am so excited about this channel. I subscribed for the upcoming “Laura” about rape in the military, but now I’m thinking for a topic like that, these might be *too* well done if you know what I mean. I don’t want to be disturbed or have my PTSD act up, so I might actually skip that one until I’m compelled one day. I cannot rave enough about Dakota. Well, it’s personal for me, I mean I’m going to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks and I’m going to try my hand at gambling, and not for fun. Baccarat is not “fun”, winning money is fun. Then I’m moving to South Dakota. Also the actress that plays her, don’t get me started, but I love finding things that amaze me and have “zen”. “Zen” the home made brew definition, meaning several components of daily life, things that are important to you, or you’re thinking about them, whatever, coming together in some form of media.

I won’t embed a WIGS video here, I’ll link the channel. I think I’ll try to embed Desert Rose.

More Zen.


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