Self Esteem Booster

I saw someone rave about this woman on a video, but I had never heard of her.

Looked her up, and was like wow, THIS looks like it’s going to be a great video. So I got excited and started to watch it and in her INTRO she gives the speech I give about culture not backing truthful information or choices so that we can do better.

I don’t expect people to just “get it” when our culture lies and has so many stories and myths surrounding suffering and animal feelings and awareness.   My harshest judgments (which is what people are monumentally concerned with on this topic, “guys don’t do this” is really a crime in this realm) are reserved for the educated and net educated people that gleefully share they are meat eaters. If said person also feels high and mighty mocking people on their pet topic, then my my mental tolerance of that person drops still in accordance with their treatment of others.

There is NO excuse for arguing against veganism at this point. There is an excuse for not being able to change lifelong habits, ok. But at this point, if you are semi- educated, and net prone,  oh yeah AND high and mighty about how great you and your edumacated opinions are on things, you are a sorry excuse for a human being if you announce your animal product food choices like it’s a sexual preference and you’re not hurting any living thing, or the economy, or environment, etc.

Still listening to the video, so shouldn’t try to type sentences that make sense right now, more later.


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