I’m still sick but the last two days I’ve been in a lot of pain. Thankfully today is much better.

I’m glad I’m able to write more lately, although I’m never satisfied with the outcome.

After I wrote my post on PZ’s blog commenters, I noticed that something actually came up that was manboobz related. Someone had accused boobzers of bad behaviors. So that’s interesting.

I’ve had experience debating extensively on the wider web on the subject of suffering, and some of the arguments people present to minimize the experiences of sentient life are so ridiculous that one ends up saying, ok well if you were tortured you would sing a different tune, and I guess pain does not matter as long as you have not suffered it.

A horrid tactic the person could use is “that person said I should be tortured because I don’t agree with them.”

One horrible young woman claimed I told her that she advocated the holocaust. FACEPALM. When discussing the history of humanity and sentient life, things like holocausts are brought up because they are reality. When people minimize or excuse suffering, one brings up real live atrocities that happened to real people. How many more King Leopold’s have to happen to us to declare this a negative sum endeavor?

So when arguing about the nature of human suffering, and the suffering of sentient creatures, it’s wise not to argue with a fucktard that’s going to claim victim stauts when they lose the argument. What’s irritating is these people start the whole thing by being flippant, like TSK can you even believe that people think this and this?


And then when they look silly in the face of a real discussion, the rest of us are big meanies accusing them of advocating the holocaust.

So when I see things like this: “I personally was told, many times, that I deserve to be raped, castrated, and abused.”  Red flags go up. I’ve seen this before, and I’m wondering if that person said unethically obtuse and callous statements regarding those topics, and might have been told that they should experience those things.

That reminds me of a topic that has been flying around the comments on manboobz, too. I feel like commenting on it sometimes, but there are social-politics reasons that I don’t that actually relate to my last post on bullying.

If a person systematically rapes and tortures people, what components are lacking in that person’s psychology?  I’m going to post a video here, actually.

Lately when I’ve posted videos they have come up as links. grrr.

This is called “trap, kill repeat.”

Tell me if anyone should worry that this man might have to experience what he put others through?

Also what is the harm in WANTING this man to experience what he put others through? Not necessarily desiring this for vengeance. It would be interesting to ask him afterward, now WHY would you do that to another person? Do you feel? etc.

When someone takes advantage of a small child, and rapes them, why on earth should that person not experience the same thing? And why should people not WANT that to happen to the person for whatever reason?

Having said that, prisoners deserve human rights. Rape should not be expected in our correctional facilities, nor should it be joked about as much as it is in our culture. I just don’t lump all I HOPE HE GETS RAPED IN PRISON comments into the same pile. Sometimes it makes sense to say something like that whether one is in ideological opposition to it or not.

There’s something about this topic flying around the manboobz comments, but I don’t know the original context. Someone LOLED at the idea of prison rape which is so disgusting. If the person LOLED in the context I gave above, they should not have been flippant and LOLED. People are rightfully sensitive to human rights issues and rape, and wishing horrible things on people. So any way you flip it, that person was a dumbass.


ergh I can’t wait till tomorrow this cold will be gone!


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