Sun up, almost time for bed.

So for a few days I’ve been up until sun up, and I don’t like it.

I tried to finish off some rum that I had and it made me feel gross.

I was looking at unidentified remains on the DOJ site and matching them to missing persons. Actually that requires a big long explanation, and I need more information before I can explain that.

After watching all these crime investigation shows and visiting a forum of people that follow missing persons cases and discuss them online, I decided to follow a link and look up sex offenders in the big city in South Dakota. We don’t live there, but nearby, and that’s the main city so… anywho…

I looked up the area we are going to be living in, and ok… there’s four sex offenders, four or five. They look like nice guys. Actually no, not really they’re rapists. But so I looked up Sioux Falls, the big city… and wow. I should post a picture here. It’s amazing.


And it doesn’t look any better when you zoom in. You might think, well it’s zoomed out, so of course it looks like they’re all crammed in there, and etc. Well no, there are over 500, and I’m sure some streets law enforcement has pet names for like “pedo row” or something, because there are a couple of streets with rapists up and down the block.

It’s also amazing when you look at some of their crimes that they are even out. There are guys that have raped multiple children, and they’re out for some reason. That doesn’t make sense to me. Legalize drugs, empty the prisons for those offenses, and keep people like this away. They have hurt too many people, they lost their privilege of lurking around free.

Also I feel this way more now that I’ve learned more about that and other crimes. It turns out that people actually usually reoffend. Murderers should NEVER be out. I think that in the 70’s and  early 80’s we may have had some confusion on this, but we’ve had decades now and know good and well murderers re offend. That’s the main thing, but also, why do they get to take a life and then we worry about their justice and freedom? That is really weird. Their life should be forfeit, and not necessarily via the death penalty, which I’m not against in theory. And I’m not saying that murderer’s should not face due process, when I talk about worrying about justice for them, I am just speaking generally about the myopia on that and how it can trump reality. I am for justice and human rights.

Anyway, this is an interesting map, and Rapid City has even more, and it’s smaller. I guess in Orlando Florida you can’t swing a cat by the tail without hitting a pedo/rapist.

So I just looked that up because it was on the forum I was reading. I’ve known that sex offenders were online, never looked them up. I don’t plan on taking any special precautions when going into SF for shopping or whatever reason, it’s just interesting.

On the missing persons site, there was a case where the witness said “D” told others something like, ‘I’m going to walk out into the Desert, and I’m not coming back.’  This is in Las Vegas, by the way. It was also reported that a cleaning crew on the road said they saw her walking by herself toward the desert.

I have never heard of this. I can’t figure out why she would take that route of suicide. That is so harsh. Oh yes, I’d like to die slowly and very uncomfortably please!

NO WAY. And I was thinking, ok maybe she took a gun with her, and you know… but why make it so your body might not be found? I don’t get that. I tried to search for desert suicides, but couldn’t find anything. You’d think someone would have said something about this method. I could not find anything written about this way to end one’s life.

I guess in Las Vegas there are 300 suicides every year. So there’s like one day a week where law enforcement gets a break.

Could you imagine working every day, and hearing, “we have a suicide. We have another suicide. Suicide. Suicide. Suicide. Suicide. There’s a suicide. We have a suicide. We have another suicide. ”

Go ahead and do that three hundred times. I know all officers don’t go on all calls, but surely they hear of it. One after another after another after another. There are lots of homicides as well.

There were only 107 murders in Vegas in 2010. Now I’m wondering if there were 300 suicides per year in all of Nevada? I thought it was just Las Vegas. Whatever the case, this is a lot. Imagine covering two homicides a week.

So really these hundreds of crime investigation shows uploaded to you tube… I think that murder and crime is so common that people really should educate themselves. I’ve always loved those kinds of shows and have seen many, but I still had a sense of it being something so rare. After watching them all at the same time consecutively, that makes a difference in how I’m processing the information and experience.

Also on the forum I belong to, I see missing persons cases. There are SO MANY, and they’re by no means all of them, not even close. So I’m thinking… I wonder if people really sit down and think about this. I wonder if people really fully realize that people go missing every day.

Right now the case people are focused on is Mickey from Lafayette. She appears to have been snatched from her bicycle, just like that. I really want them to find a body already. This reminds me of the Chandra Levy case which was really awful. That police force was SO incredibly stupid. There is an upload of that case on you tube, and it just makes ones’ blood boil.

Just realized if I stay up a bit longer, I can call people in the US. Think I’ll try to make it.

I’ve also been playing Baccarat. People don’t believe me when I talk about that game, and how you can win in Vegas with that game. Nope, there must be some trick that gives the house better odds. No, it’s pretty interesting, the house really doesn’t have much of an advantage which is why they take five percent of banker bets. It’s basically like betting on red or black in roulette, but the pay off is equal. If you bet fifty bucks you get fifty bucks. If your bet was in the banker circle, then there’s a percentage taken off. Five percent is what I hear. You bet before any cards are dealt. There is no strategy to “play”, you’re not playing anything. One side wins, or the other side wins, you can bet on either side, it’s like betting on red or black or a coin toss. There is no decision making. The dealer just turns cards over. What’s there is there.

I’ve been “playing” on my PC, and what that really means is dealing with betting strategies so that you don’t lose your ass. Also getting a feel for the game. It’s random, but there’s still this feel to it that you follow the lead. Like if player wins a hand, you bet player. I found out on the internet that’s what other people are saying too. Also I was like wow, you never bet against a “run” meaning when one side just keeps winning. After I noticed that I also read it on different sites, “NEVER bet against a run!”

So it’s interesting. I could talk a lot about Baccarat even though there’s nothing to it. I still have a lot to say, especially when talking to people that don’t have a frame of reference for it. It is weird. I point out to people that Baccarat actually effects casinos quarterlies sometimes due to losses, and they cannot project losses and winnings in that the way they can with other table games.

So in Baccarat, you bet smart ( don’t lose all your money) and you win. I love how the advice for the game is so funny. I was thinking of ways to help others get started, and it’s so funny. “bet smart, don’t lose your money”

well DUH. But really once you start playing that runs through your mind. You must bet smart and not lose all your money. You can’t get too excited. Bet in small increments. Anything can happen. Staying power is the key. So really with this game, you play against your own psychology and temperament, which is great, because I’m always needing some good newish therapy.

It turns out that I’m stupid.

I mean I get mad at the game, like “I’ll show YOU”  That really is stupid, but I dare you to play and not feel that at some point. It’s random, you need to be dispassionate. Also you can’t try to recoup your losses from the last hand unless you’re really sure you’ve got a right bet. So if you bet 25 and lose, don’t think, oh I have to get my money back right quick. No you don’t. You want to play, play you don’t want to play, don’t. Bu if you play, then you are playing, you are not re couping losses. There is plenty of time to win, you just have to STAY in the game and you can’t STAY if you’re freaking out betting more than you should. That nonsense was as helpful as a Kenny Rogers song, but if you play it does make sense.

There’s a sweet spot in Baccarat that I like to get to. I was hoping this spot (which I might try to explain) was not just on my PC game. It’s just cards being dealt so I feel my PC game is ok. I checked on online game, one of those serious money real casino types that give you free trials and it’s got that same feel to it. Also when people talk online, I can see that yes, I’m playing the same game they are. There are indeed runs you should never go against, etc.

So the “sweet spot” is when you know when one side is winning and it goes to the other side that the other side is going to hit twice. You KNOW. If there are lots of ties and back and forths you don’t get to this sweet spot. The game can be annoying and tedious. But that reminds me of Homer Simpson “Isn’t there anything faster than a microwave?!?!” Because this is about as simple as a casino game gets with the highest payoff.

But what I mean is, you think you’re getting on a roll and then BOOM a tie. I’m going to try to work that to my advantage, because they really do come up when you’re trying to establish feel, and then you think here we GO, this is now going to hit banker and you put down a large sum. BOOM a tie. Ties screw you up, because there’s no longer a feel to which side will win. To me it’s like shuffling the deck all over again, even though it’s not. If you play, you might know what I mean. So if player wins like five times, you’re ready for Banker to win. You might miss that first win, but the sweet spot is after a run on one side, and that ends and you lose you go bet on the other side and most of the time that’s a winning bet. But if there’s a tie then you lose that feel.

I’m getting really tired, and I want to call my sister. Now I likely won’t. Damn me and my hobbies.


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