Sleep and Rest, not the same apparently

I don’t know. 

I don’t want to abandon my blog, I get so sidetracked. I’ve been here eight years and it’s exciting to plan a trip home let alone planning a wedding, seeing family and friends again, a honeymoon, etc. 

Mark bought me a yogurt maker and I’m going to order some non dairy yogurt starter and use a touch of agar, because I heard the end product can be soupy. We’re going to have vanilla, dried fruits and other goodies in there. I’m going to make it with Oat Milk, because it’s the most practical for me. I can’t see me affording almond milk or even wanting that much fat. Sure, I’ll so several types of milk, but I think that mostly it will be oat milk yogurt. I have a grinder for flax seeds, those can go in some of the cups. 

I was never a health nut at all, but since I want to get off animal products, of course, I’m more vitamin conscious. B12 is made via bacteria and food being unclean, so yes, you can get b12 being vegan, but you know, food should be washed, so supplements it is. Then you have to make sure you can ABSORB the B12. There has to be some active protein in your colon that scientists have named “intrinsic factor”, isn’t that cute? I hope that’s right, I’m just going by memory. 

Otherwise, other vitamins minerals proteins, all of it, are available to vegans, and since they pay more attention to that to compensate, your average vegan likely has more of all the requirements than burger and fries eaters. I need to get Mark to watch Forks Over Knives, because he’s said that he’s on board with me, no problem. I’m not going to bother him one iota about what he eats when he’s out of the house, and I’ll be doing the food service in the home, and that’s where my responsibility starts and ends. He can do whatever he feels. Lifelong food habits are not going to change because you’ve learned what an apocalypse animals are bred into and you don’t want to be a part of it. I told him, give yourself a TWO YEAR transition and I say that because I believe people will give up. I would rather have it take two years for people to change, then have them wind up being life long animal product eaters. 

Oh yeah, and Stevia… that’s going in the yogurt maybe.


IDK if this is going to show up as a link or a video. 

This video is about sugar, again, I’m not vegan due to health, but suffering, so refined sugar might be the last thing I would worry about. Also Stevia might be refined, I want it because it’s got none of the side effects of regular sugar and it’s super potent, and diabetes runs in my family quite heavily. 

Another goal  is to use things that don’t support huge corporations, corporate culture, so… sugar is kind of a big deal on that front.



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