Moving forward kind of wonky

My sleeping got wonky again. So we got the chapel for the day and time we want, and Mark got the time off, like we wanted. He’s booking the airfare for him (and our return trip) Monday.

I’ve been talking to my sister a lot and we’re both so excited. There are three thrift stores that are near her in Vegas we’re going to go to. The boys and I are in rags. And by rags I mean, tears in the clothing and some patches, bleach spots, things that don’t fit, etc. So we’re not packing anything. We can’t take much luggage anyway, Hawaiian air is generous but going back to South Dakota on Allegiant, there are massive restrictions. We’re going to end up sending things ground shipment back to South Dakota from Vegas and just travelling light when we go through LA Santa Barbara and on to South Dakota.

Mark is so worried I won’t like it there. I know I will. I’ve kicked it in a third world country (and in the Province) for eight years now, don’t tell me what I won’t like. 🙂  Parenting by myself with no money and barely making it from day to day? This is my happily ever after, this is my sanitorium.

After the wedding we’re having a dinner at my sister’s house. That’s my  mom’s wedding present to us, and what she means by that is she’ll pay the food bill. I’m sure my sister and I will do the cooking, but I have a great idea for spaghetti.  That’s simple and inexpensive enough, but it still feels like something nice. Especially since I know how to cook gourmet sauces, although it’s been ages since I’ve really cooked. But we’ll make sure the sauce is done by that morning, and after the wedding we’ll simmer it and get the noodles going.  Debating on a pea pureé to coat the noodles before the sauce is added.

We don’t really have salad here to speak of so I’m really aching for salads. At this point I can’t ever imagine getting tired of salads even if I had them morning noon and night when I get back. That’s silly, I know. But we’ll have a huge salad and different warmed breads and of course the obligatory garlic bread that comes with spaghetti.

Here’s the thing. I’m going to look for, but not bank on getting portabello mushrooms and possibly doing a “meat” sauce. Portabellos are very meaty. However with the hullaballoo of the wedding I doubt we can fire up the grill that quickly. It’s an evening wedding we’re already pushing it. But if I can get some of those for a reasonable cost, that spaghetti sauce is going to be above and beyond. Otherwise it will be just plain awesome. Also it’s more likely that I will end up with Shitake and that’s fine. I lament that shitake mushrooms are so expensive, I really think it should be part of my regular diet, they are so healthy.

I requested a table cloth and a cake stand so that the pictures of the cake don’t look tacky. I am not a cake person but wedding cake is out of this world and they make them look so lovely, that kind of makes it a special occasion. So we’re getting a cake. 🙂 I’m going to get a simple one that looks like a package draped in linen. I know that’s hard to explain, I really should stop being so lazy and post a picture. I should be a good vegan and order one from the Red Velvet Cafe, but that’s likely out of the price range. I really should check into that though my family needs to be exposed to that. I wish I could put on a totally vegan meal, but there’s no way. (Well we’ll see.)

OPWT Other people’s wedding talk has got to be one of THE most boring and annoying things ever. I totally get this. I totally feel the same, but I have to write what’s on my mind, and this helps me hash it out.


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