Busy with the plans…

So it’s not just a wedding, but flights here and there and rental cars, amtraks and hotels. Does Mark book first, or ask his boss first? What dates do we tell the boss when nothing is booked? 

Ok so it can’t be that complicated. I worked up an itinerary so that Mark knows what to ask tomorrow. He’s asking for three weeks. We want the flight on Sept 14th for him, I’ll be at my sister’s already on the 6th. So he should ask his boss for the 14th of September to the 8th of October off, which is three weeks and back to work on the first available Monday. 

I have my sights set on two wedding venues. Looks like everything is open because we’re booking for September. Our wedding anniversary date will likely be September 18th. We will likely leave Vegas on amtrak for LA/.Santa Barbara on the 20th. We’re looking at flying out of LAX on Oct 4th. Whew. Now just for all hotel rental car booking. I’ve been researching and looks like we can get some dealz!! Woot. 

We likely are going to stay at the stratosphere on the wedding night. It seems to be the best deal. It’s fairly cheap and there’s a great view of Vegas. Sounds good. Hotels in Santa Barbara are a bit tricky. They have a cartel going there or something. The cheapest thing is exactly the same expensive price as the other cheap thing. I have some tricks up my sleeves, tho. Plus we’re going to be going up the coast to my old stomping grounds and I know just what to do up there. Plenty of cheap places along hwy 1. 

The Wedding Venue we’re getting is outdoor gazebo, no matter which one we book and I looked up the sunset for that week. We will be getting hitched at twilight. The places we’re looking at look so pretty in the pictures! 

I found a perfect dress, but don’t even want to talk about it. That will come later, it’s kind if a stressful topic. Because really I was like Dress? What? Oh slap a tea length ivory thing on me slightly reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy and I’m good. No problemo. But then I saw it. THE dress. And it’s cheap. If it wasn’t I would not even be thinking about it. But it’s in that price range that’s like… ok … it’s for one night, a couple of hours! and my man is not going to understand. But it’s a real wedding dress for almost nothing and it’s like someone designed it exactly for me and my taste. Exactly. I said I wasn’t going to talk about this. I have a quasi-plan. We’ll see. 

So I’m getting the music ready. It will be just a couple of songs, most venues are 30 mins. So I’m thinking they’ll let me play welcome music. As people come in, I want a My Fair Lady Tune that’s kind of whimsical called “Get Me to the Church On Time”. Eliza Doolittle’s dad cracked me up in that one. But then we’ll have to have a long pause because the tone is really going to change I want Enya May It Be, and I don’t care what anyone thinks, it’s MY wedding. For the down the aisle song… yes… Fairytale by Enya. It’s perfect wedding march music. Nope, don’t care what you think. Yep, that’s right. 

I think we have to leave right after that, but at my sister’s house (or brother’s don’t know which, they live down the street from each other) I want Day Break by Barry Manilow and Mark has never danced before in his life, so I’ll show him. Actually I’d better learn. 



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