I’ve been in agony over my dad.  He disappeared off skype, and I had fiancee call the police. They found him at the hospital, and I felt like we’d all been given a second chance. If he died I would have been in despair. First good news is they are keeping him for a month,  so he’s not alone. Second news is that he should live TWO YEARS. So I can go stay with him next year and be there.

Also, I should be going home in September, the day we’re getting the reservations for is the 6th. I would go home sooner but my other family has fallen on hard times. It’s better to wait, too many reasons to list. I want them all at the wedding.

I was on air the last couple days, and then today dropped off the sharp precipice.  It’s to be expected with my condition. I should rest today, but I’m not tired enough. So I’m just in a depression.

Everything is ok, except for my biology. And yes, some people are predatory assholes, but that’s always true. I can’t account for the variables that put me in a pain state. The variables are always there, I just have to take care of myself.

I’m getting in touch with more people I’ve been away from and not keeping up with while I’ve been here. When I get on skype tomorrow one of my best friends should be on there  🙂 Reason t get up!!

This next week I should just be making lots of reservations and finalizing that wedding.  I’m so numb to all this happening, but am lucid enough to be happy! exclamation point.


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