RAW! Unedited!!


I really should go clean up my entries. I got little sleep last night. My son with disabilities is often up during the night, but quiet enough (same room) on the computer so that I can get good rest. Last night, I could not for the weather, and he was upset about something. First I had to bathe in the middle of the night it was so hot, later on son number two was ticked off at son number one. When this happens he starts yelling things, titles of movies mostly, but that means back off. Son number one is so used to him that sometimes he does not back off and I have to say, ‘I really really do need sleep, not kidding.”

So today I need to be mindful of that and don’t do heavy reading or research or commenting. I’ve already done at least five today and one personal message.

Wow it’s already a half hour before my tutoring appt, and it feels like six am here.  Oh well, those sessions go by quickly and are not taxing, they are actually fun.

No, I cancelled. I’m too tired and hot, I’m afraid I’ll do something wrong. She might interpret my issues as me being upset or bored with her. She also might get bored because of the way I conduct the session, and then she might not look forward to the next one. I need time to myself.

Yesterday my best friend in England shared his screen with me and took me on a walk through his neighborhood using google maps that was SO weird. Because daily he tells me about people that we SAW on google maps, it was so bizarre and hilarious.  And it was more than one person. He showed me one house and said “a one armed man lives there” and then later, OMG there’s the one armed man! He was walking down the street. We had seen this other old guy and my friend said, once, that one armed man beat up that old guy. Then later I got to see this guy he mentions almost on a daily basis. It was so funny.


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