Counting on our fingers…

Now that I’m awake during the day I have a tutoring distraction during the day, a fun one. I work for energy drinks and tinapay for my youngest. The pupil is going into the third grade and she has tiny little fingers. I know this because we’re doing math and she counts on them. Initially I let her Aunt know that I am only an English teacher, but she said,  No!  She needs help in math!  Because she’s so young it will not be a problem, but I’m really not a math teacher.

Turns out I am a great basic math teacher. It’s really an enjoyable hour, daily. We had to go back to addition basics not only because she counts everything on her fingers, but because it was clear she did not recognize patterns. If she wrote down that 5+5 = 10, then the next problem was 5+6, she was counting the whole thing on her fingers again, and NOT starting with 5. Starting from one.

I could write out a whole list of successive problems. 1+1 1+2 1+3, and she should not see the pattern, but count every one out on her fingers, and she could not even automatically answer 4 to three plus one like most students can do in grade one (I would think). It was as if she did not understand that +1 means the next number up, and she’s to be attending third grade.

She’s a very bright and attentive student, meaning that she can follow along the whole hour and do exactly as I say so that I can help her get these concepts down. She’s also bright in English (her second language) enough so that’s on the back burner while we handle this math crisis.

I did not expect this to be so much fun. Today finally, I was able to write out a string of problems, and she was able to detect the pattern and answer immediately without being bewildered for a few minutes. Because my mental health has been deteriorating so badly, I was surprised that I was able to do this, but not surprised that it’s positive. Occupational therapy is assigned to people entering psychiatric hospitals for a reason. This is also why I chose to color in some picture on the computer, and ended up downloading GIMP. I opened up a pencil drawing, and learning how to color in, and doing it painstakingly until I dropped. This was difficult, but I really feel that it has helped, that and my tutoring and being up during the day, and it’s Summer here so the sun is glaring. (If it’s not Summer here, let me just say wow… it’s hot.)

I keep pasting the hospice information into skype for my dad, and if he does not respond, will have fianceé call from states, which he is not going to want to do… and I’m going to have to beg him. I understand though. It’s the unknown.

And then in my ear… I am on this kick where I listen to you tube videos about serial killers and murder mysteries, investigations, etc. One program after the next, I cannot even count how many of these I’ve heard  lately. I think I’ve watched/heard every single NBC Crime Mystery on You Tube, and now I’m on 48 hours, and here and there, I’ve seen a BBC special or some other show.

Ok, that’s it for now. I have been wanting to document whatever is on my mind for some time now, because that’s also going to help. I was in such a state even a few days ago that I could write nothing. I barely could cough up the entries before this one, and they’re far from ideal. But do I need to say it, this blog is for me. Seems like it has to be a “blog” tho. Dunno why it can’t just be a notepad on my desktop and have the same effect. Even if nobody sees the blog, there’s some semblance of psychological illusion of an objective/outside pressure in thought organization.


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