This week in FAIL

More people on you tube talking about objectification and entirely missing main points and strawmanning the feminist position. I don’t know why so many people have this idea that feminism is against men. It’s something they were told, and just believe it. Where are the sources to back this up? Boo hoo, there’s male privilege. Talking about that is anti men? Nice try.

I don’t ever remember reading anything on the objectification of women that even implied men do not experience that in various capacities. I saw the description to a girlwriteswhat video claiming that feminists complain about the objectification of women, but ogling Bratt Pitt is ok.

So this is her understanding of feminism? She demonstrates time and again she has no idea what it is. What feminist says ogling Brad Pitt is ok? People ogling each other generally is “ok”, the critique lies in the fallout of that. There are reasons to discuss women distinctly, recognizing they are a distinct group with their own set of dynamics that might overlap into other gender identifications. Those reasons are the focus, not trying to win the oppression Olympics. Pointing out the distinctions is always a trap because it puts me in full participation of oppression Olympics and feeding into the misconception that feminism pits men against women in the first place. It does no such thing.




Feel I should add that have been formed as a distinct group in particular ways through societal structures and norms. That’s why as the oppressed we’re a group, but other than that, we’re not. That’s the best I can do explaining that at this time. I just re- read my post and felt that was missing.


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