Finally, people paying attention to JohnTheOther

Finally. And how on earth did it take this long? That rape video was out last year. I found it after six months, because I stay away. I responded, he did a follow up completely mocking that I glided over his outrageous statement that he would happily ignore a rape in progress, laughing maniacally as he explained it was all other people’s fault that he’s some sociopath. I didn’t focus on that in my response, because I didn’t take him seriously. I thought well let’s address what he’s really getting to, or trying to.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt to come back with another video saying, well I was not entirely serious about that. Instead he made one saying how DARE you assume I was not serious about that. And he reiterated it.

I really think that context is important for people that might feel he’s being unfairly picked on about this. Or that maybe he misspoke and learned his lesson for trying to be attention getting, and people should cut him a break.  He did not want a break, he gloated about it. The video we made clipping his first one and second one together, he featured on his channel, and posted mocking bulletins about it.

So if he acts like some persecuted victim because PZ Meyers has picked up on it, remember that context.


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