The Sky Never Panics

Nor does it laugh but if it did it would laugh at the cliché, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” one of the most absurd annoying falsehoods ever stated. Actually I’m painting the sky out to be some cynical meanie if it decided to laugh. Maybe it would cry at that lame nugget of quotation fail. Yes, that’s more appropriate as it is very sad.  It might laugh at That Mitchell and Webb Look, however.  Also Peep Show.

The theme song lyrics are my anthem for the last year or more. I’m not sick, but I’m not well.

There. Now the sky is much nicer. Nobody can ever say, “She tried to make the sky out to be a total bastard.”  Well, yes it’s indifferent, but that’s just a fact, that does not imply assholery in any way, just the opposite, really it’s supposed to remind that the sky is not a ‘who’ it’s a what.  I need to stop thinking about this. No more ifs about the sky, it is what it is and that’s precisely what I meant to say, and what I started to say.


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